Les Perkins is the Manager of the Farmer's Irrigation District in the Hood River Basin in Oregon. He has more than 10 years of experience with power development in waterway systems.

Advisors and Consultants

Thomas Ramsey, P.E., former Chief of Structural Engineering for Conoco/Phillips. Managed the structural engineering division of one of the world's largest energy companies for many years. Advises on multiple topics.

Amir Tavakkol, Ph.D., taught finance at the University of Kansas for 25 years, and consults on business startup, business finance, and industrial development.

Jerry Bryan is a leading expert in the Pacific Northwest in hydroelectric power implementation and generation. His expertise is in alternative energy production. Former manager of Farmer’s Irrigation District, who implemented two large hydroelectric schemes. He describes the SAHT as "brilliantly innovative."

Dr. Sourabh Apte of Oregon State University  consults on dynamic CFD flow studies for turbine optimization.

Dennis Ramsey, the inventor of the SAHT,  is conducting the engineering, modeling, and testing of the turbine.